First-World connectivity in South Africa today is a must. Fibre To The Apartment has a range of high speed solutions catering for Micro Businesses through to large Enterprise Companies. We offer premium Fibre To The Business solutions at 20 Mbps to 1000Mbps for all applications including VoIP, video conferencing, high speed data replication and complete off-site network hosting.


  • Capped, Uncapped and Unshaped
  • Symmetrical Upload And Download Speeds
  • Superior Speeds
  • State-of-the-art Network
  • 12-Month contract
  • Low Latency
  • End-To-End Infrastructure And Provisioning
  • DSTV-ready if required
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No legacy ADSL users on our network
  • Future Proof


This service is only available in Fibre to the Apartment buildings,
where there is commercial and retail space.


Not on our list? We can install our FTTB solutions for you

Once installation has been approved and reticulation of the building has commenced, the turn-around time is approximately 90 days. Should your building already be reticulated, installation time is approximately 14 days. Our setup fee is R3500.00 excluding VAT, which includes a CPE device. The device remains the property of FTTA and, if you cancel your service with us, we collect the device. We also offer a /30 IP range with one usable IP at R200 ex VAT per month, a /29 IP Range with 5 usable IPs at R400 ex VAT per month, and a /28 IP Range with 13 usable IPs at R800 ex VAT per month. Our service levels are also 100% uptime between 6am and 9pm. If a service fails during this SLA window, service credits will be passed for downtime. Lastly, Fibre to the Business (FTTB) services are uncontended services (they are strictly uncapped and unshaped) which means you have full upload and download capacity and are not subject to Fair Usage Policy.



Business - 20mbps

R2 849 /
per month


Business Uncapped

Business - 50mbps

R5 749 /
per month


Business Uncapped

Business - 100mbps

R6 899 /
per month


Business Uncapped

Business - 250mbps

R9 199 /
per month


Business Uncapped

Business - 500mbps

R13 255 /
per month


Business Uncapped

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