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Fibre To The Apartment is an ISP, specialising in building relationships with developers in order to supply residential buildings fibre data and communication services FREE OF CHARGE at development level. Fibre to the Apartment only offers Point to Point* fibre services, offering symmetrical and guaranteed speeds.


Why is there no cost to the developer for our services?

Fibre to the Apartment has built a business model based on a no-cost to developer. Having worked with large developers for many years, we understand the budget restraints and have developed a method of ensuring that First-World services are installed without developers having to spend any of their capital.

We look at each development as an independent investment. Calculating our return based on minimum uptake as well as the fibre appetite in the area. In return for our services, we ask that developers enter into a simple agreement allowing only Fibre to the Apartment to install and manage the fibre network.

This agreement is then ceded over to the newly created body corporate and Fibre to the Apartment maintains and supports the network FREE OF CHARGE. This ensures that there are no operational costs moving forward for the Body Corporate. We believe that these kind of symbiotic relationships are by far the best way to get quality fibre networks installed quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

What is a quality fibre network?

It is important to understand that currently there is no legislation dictating the minimum requirements of a network. Due to this, many ISP’s are taking the “land grab” approach and install inferior networks as well as far lower costs in order to secure end-users. These networks are known as GPON and as switching technology grows these networks will need to be upgraded every 5 years or so.

GPON is a solution based on very similar technology as ADSL, connecting many homes to one port on a device. As user activity increases (in the evenings when everyone is home), the network slows down as all the users are now contending to break out of that one port. The superior solution to this is called P2P (Point To Point).

What is point to point?

Point to Point is a fibre network that includes 1Gbps switches with a Gbps port for each individual home. This means that, regardless of how many users in a residential building are home and using the internet, they do not affect each other’s speed nor quality. P2P also guarantees symmetrical speeds; this means that if you order a 100Mbps service you will get 100Mbps download as well as upload speed.

That being said, the most important feature of a P2P network is that as technology progresses, and 1Gbps switching becomes 10Gbps then 100Gbps, the entire network can be upgraded by simply swapping out the switches as opposed to re-installing the entire network. This network is more expensive to install initially, however it works out to be cost-effective over the long run.


First-World connectivity in South Africa today is a must. Fibre To The Apartment has a range of high speed solutions catering for Micro Businesses through to large Enterprise Companies. We offer premium Fibre-to-the-Business solutions at 20 Mbps to 1000Mbps for all applications including VoIP, video conferencing, high speed data replication and complete off-site network hosting.


How do I qualify for this service?

This service is only available in Fibre to the Apartment buildings where there is commercial and retail space.

How quickly do you install?

Once installation has been approved and reticulation of the building has commenced, the turn-around time is approximately 90 days. If your building is already reticulated, installation time is approximately 14 days. To see if your building is ear-marked for fibre or already has fibre, click here.

How many IP's do I get? Are there additional costs for extra IP's?

The IPV4 address space is almost depleted worldwide so address space is at a premium. An additional /30 IP with 1 usable IP address will cost you R200 ex VAT per month, a /29 IP Range with 5 usable IPs costs R400 ex VAT per month and a /28 IP Range with 13 usable IPs costs R800 ex VAT per month.

Are there setup fees involved?

Our setup fee is R3500.00 ex vat which includes a CPE device. The device remains the property of Fibre to the Apartment, and should you cancel our service we collect the device.

What service level can be expected?

Our service level is 100% uptime between 6am and 9pm. If a service fails during this SLA window, service credits will be passed for downtime.

What service can you offer businesses for voice communication?

We can provide you with a VOIP solution as we do not allow telephony technology in our buildings. Enquire at hello@ftta.co.za for pricing and solutions.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy?

All our FTTB services are uncontended, uncapped and not subject to any Fair Usage Policy whatsoever.

Uncontended and Uncapped Bandwidth?

Fibre to the Business (FTTB) services are uncontended services. They are strictly uncapped and unshaped; you have full up and download capacity.

What equipment am I required to purchase to connect to Fibre to the Apartment's CPE device?

You would require a router capable of delivering the speed that you want to order. For more info please get in contact with us via e-mail on hello@ftta.co.za for options.


Fibre To The Apartment offers FTTH (Fibre to the Home) services to large, multi-tenanted buildings. Our services are unique in that we offer both capped and uncapped month-to-month fibre services, ranging from 10Mbps through to 200Mbps. Whether you’re a keen blogger or a family of 8 consisting of gamers and Netflix fans, we can cater to your needs at incredibly competitive rates.


How do I qualify for this service?

FTTH services are available in all the buildings that we have fibred up. See a list of these buildings here.

What is the turn-around time for an installation?

Worst case scenario, 48 hours.

What are the contract periods?

FTTH services are month to month. A one calendar month’s notice is required for cancellation. As an example; if you move out 31 July you will need to notify us no later than 30 June.

What are the activation fees and what is included?

Activation fees varies based on the building that you are in; this includes an onsite setup of your router.

Do I need a router?

No, you will receive a “Free to Own” router that will be configured during your install.

What is the contention ratio?

FTTH service is a best effort service.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy?

Capped Products do not have a Fair Usage Policy. Uncapped has an FUP - click here to see them.